DIY Real Flower Crown

This is a tutorial on how to make a flower crown using only real flowers. No wire, string, florists’ tape, or fake silk flowers. You just need to know how to do a basic braid

Long PinSupplies
All you need is 50-70 flowers with long stems. See below for tips on collecting flowers.

Creating the Crown
*Note: This tutorial assumes you know how to do a basic braid.

1) Pick and sort your flowers. This makes it easier to grab the flower you need while holding the braid tightly. Choose three flowers with long, flexible stems. Pinch the flower stems together near the flower heads and gently braid the stems as you would braid hair. It is ok for the braid to be loose. Braid about 3 inches.

Tip: Be very careful to bend the stems gently, so they don’t snap off near the heads. If one the first three flower stems snaps before you start to add in more flowers, this is as much of a problem later after more stems are added, but it one of the first 3 stems snaps, you will need to start over.

2) Now it is time to begin adding in more flowers. Lay each new flower’s stem into the section of the braid that is on top, and has just crossed over. This is the red section in the pictures #2 and #3.

3) Cross the next section of the braid over the stem of the flower you just added, just below the blossom,  to bind it in place. This is the yellow section in the picture #3. The flower you just added is now part of the section you just crossed.

Tip: You may want to grab the stem of the newly added flowers and pull gently so that the head of the flower pulls closer to the braid. Keeping the heads of the flowers closer to the braid creates a tighter and neater crown.

4) Repeat steps 4 and 5 as you continue to braid. Add a new flower in each time you cross over a section. You can add more than one flower at a time. Soon you will be braiding with 3 thick sections of stems.

Tip: If any of the sections are getting too short to keep braiding, make sure to add a long stemmed flower into that section so you don’t run out of stems to braid.

5) Keep braiding to form a long chain. It won’t look like a braid on the side with the flowers, but if you flip it over you can clearly see the braid on the back.

Finishing Off the Crown

6) Curl your chain around into a circle to see if it is long enough to make a crown in the size that you want. You can place the circle on your head to measure it. Once the chain is long enough to make a crown, keep braiding just stems without adding any more flowers so you have a few inches of just green stems. Take the very beginning of the chain and place it on top of the bare stem braid at the end.

7) Take the very beginning of the chain and place it on top of the bare stem braid at the end. Gently separate a few of the flowers at the beginning of the braid, and wrap the extra stems around from the back, continue wrapping until all the extra stems are wrapped.

8) Tuck any stems that are sticking out and pull each stem tight. It is ok if this looks a little messy, this is the back of the crown.

Show off your flower crown!

Wearing Flower Crown Side

Tips for Gathering Flowers
I picked these flowers on some friend’s private property. I had their permission to pick them, and they were all going to be weed-wacked the next day to keep in compliance with fire codes anyway. When gathering flowers, keep in mind that picking wildflowers on public land is illegal in some areas.

Young woman picking wildflowers in the mountians.

Tips for choosing your flowers:

  • The best flowers for braiding will have long, flexible stems that do not snap easily. My flowers were a little wilted, since it was a very hot day, and this made the stems more bendy.
  • Pick flowers as far down the plant as you can to get a long stem, but do not pull up the root of the plant!
  • If you really like a flower with a short or brittle stem, you can you can add a few of these in as long as you have enough flowers with long bendy stems.
  • You will need 50 to 70 stems to make an crown. Each stem can have more than one flower on it.
  • Flowers that have a whole cluster of flowers at the end are really good to add volume to your crown.

Have fun making your crowns! Comment if you get stuck and I will try to help.